Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gettin' my on-air Buzz

Jen Christensen from WHOI-TV called me this afternoon and asked if I could come do a live interview on their 6pm show to talk about some initiatives currently being undertaken by the Central Illinois Breastfeeding Task Force.


I was about to come up with some excuse why I couldn't possibly be there in three hours for this, but then she said, "I know it's last-minute but I knew you'd understand having worked in TV."

Awww... geez. She got me.

I actually had showered this morning, but it was after working in the garden and before leaving for preschool and I decided my hair was good enough as is. So I had to get cleaned up. And find something to wear. Um, my TV wardrobe is LONG gone... as I discovered this afternoon. Well, except for those suits hanging in the back of my closet that are supposed to be inspiration for losing weight. (Yeah, ok...) I finally remembered - dark, solid colors are best. I grabbed a red sweater and the trusty black pants. Good to go.

Then there was the matter of not sounding like an idiot. My involvement with the CIBTF has been minimal... I admit I just haven't jumped in with the zeal I would like to, but I've been trying to stay afloat and re-kindle my passion for breastfeeding awareness. The particular project Jen wanted me to talk about isn't one I have been intimately involved with, so I made some hurried, flustered calls to make sure I had enough background.

In the end, it was fine. We only had time for 2 questions and they were pretty easy. I knew I was talking fast, but I wanted to get a lot out there! My dad and kids (and then husband too, actually) all came along and watched from the lobby.

My 3-year old son told me I had "talked in a different voice" on TV. But apparently he and my daughter recognized it enough to kiss the TV while I was on it. (Um, cute but kind of gross!)

My dad said it was obvious that I struggled to remember my "role" as the interviewee and to keep looking at Jen, not the camera. Funny how inate that was for me... I was sitting at an anchor desk and there was a camera with a red light... signal to brain... look at that and talk!

In all, it was really, really fun. I LOVE being on live television, always have. I was nervous as heck and pretty sweaty, but it was AWESOME and several hours later, I'm still feeling a bit of the adrenaline rush. 

I think you lose this "newness" when you actually work in broadcasting... kind of like dating when the shine wears off the relationship. So yes, I definitely miss my old career... but I know it's not really like this all the time anyway.

But it was fun for tonight!

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Michele said...

By the way, I thought you did great and looked great as well. :)