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I'm lovin' it - the sweet tea, that is

I want to send a thank-you to McDonald's.After 30 years, I've managed to grow disgusted with pretty much everything on their menu. While my kids can hardly wait to scarf down their chicken nuggets and fries (something I've done a good job of turning into a "treat" rather than a "routine,") I personally cannot stomach most anything on the menu anymore.I'm not sure how it happened... "Supersize Me" only kept me away for a few months. But somehow, somewhere along the line, I've finally maxed out the McDonald's I can handle. Apparently I've hit my quota.Well, other than when it's McRib time.And now, the sweet tea.I've always liked sugar in my iced tea, but I've also always been equally happy to drink it without. But I got sucked in by advertising and while visiting one of our local golden arches establishments a few weeks ago, decided to give the sweet tea (which I know to be a southern staple) a…

The Business of Being Born

Natural birth - for those who choose it - is a "cause" I hold very close to my heart.
I had a chance to watch the new documentary from Ricki Lake called, "The Business of Being Born."
Forget those 1970's lamaze videos - this should be required watching for anyone who's pregnant. Especially if it's their first baby, but even if it's not.
Of course, it should be noted this is a documentary. And like all documentaries, it has an agenda... a slant, if you will. But we're so bombarded with "mainstream" images and ideas of the medical side of birth that this video presents a nice counter-balance and should give any viewer something to think about. It does a good job of showing how the "go along to get along" mentality that often naturally occurs in hospitals can be detrimental to the birthing wishes of a laboring woman.
And like they say in the movie, a woman's birth experience is a memory that will stay with her until the day she d…


Since I'm sharing videos... this is a classic for any TV news junkie. I really need to buy this episode for my kids... the other songs on it are even better!

The World News Now Polka

Ten years ago (gulp!) Edgar and I were living and working in Monterey, California.
We worked the "nightside" shift together for some time - which meant we went to work at about 2:30pm and got home around midnight, after the 11pm newscast.
This was actually the perfect schedule for my night-owl ways, and we would usually stay up for several hours watching taped television shows and otherwise unwinding. It wasn't unusual for us to still be up around 2:30-3:00am, when a wonderful little program called "World News Now" came on ABC.
You'd think we would have had enough news by then, but this show was kind of wacky and off-beat. It was situated like most network news programs, but with a twist. They played funky music at the breaks, took a lot of time for light-hearted (and not forced) banter between the anchors, and frequently ran some kooky stories.
At the end of the show at the end of the week, they'd play the "World News Now Polka." It was awesome. …

Wacky Wednesday

In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, my son's school has a series of fun days and events this week.
Tomorrow is "Wacky Wednesday" - and the idea is to dress pretty wacky. Mismatched clothes, patterns, colors, etc... 
So I asked my husband to help him pick out his clothes... 
... and just pretend it was any other day.
I don't think he appreciated my humor at first, but he eventually conceded I was right - he's not exactly known for his ability to dress our children in coordinated (or even matching) outfits.
So basically, Ethan will go to school tomorrow looking just like he would if mommy wasn't home! :)