Thursday, January 24, 2008


So how ironic is this?
The morning after I start a new blog about slowing down in my life, my son almost misses the bus for the first time ever!
Of course, I want to point out that we were following our normal morning schedule. The bus driver (who kept us waiting outside in the cold when she was almost 10 minutes late just two days ago) actually got here about a minute before we normally head outside. And for some reason, my son had left his coat and hat in his room upstairs - something he normally does not do.
So the bus driver waited and then impatiently honked the horn, while my 7-year old struggled out the door and through the snow still trying to get his coat on and get it all together.
I'm not sure he was even fully awake yet.
Ah yes - he's getting to be more and more like an adult every day!

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