Sunday, July 6, 2008

Natalee Ann - July 6, 2006

This is Natalee Ann, my beautiful goddaughter who was born and died two years ago today.

I'd like to write something meaningful and profound today, but words like those are not coming. At least not right now.

Today should have been a celebration of a second birthday. For my best friend, there will be cake and there will be a celebration - there is just not a two-year old to share in it. 

Please keep Natalee's mother, father, two sisters, and all of their family and friends in your thoughts today. 


Jennifer said...

Gosh, I read these posts and can't think of a good enough comment to express how much the affect me. (Then I feel guilty I didn't comment...)

The posts about Natalee have been so touching. I really feel for her family but also don't want it to seem like that is the only emotion-sadness-because that would be wrong, a disservice to her memory.

Shannon said...

Thanks Jennifer- I understand exactly what you mean. Really, leaving any comment at all is very touching and means a lot to me and Tammy both. said...

Natalee has such a sweet little face. I hope her memory lives on.