Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don't you... forget about JCPenney

Has anyone else seen the new JCPenney back to school commercial?

It's a homage to "The Breakfast Club" and it makes me smile every time I see it. (I'd look for it on YouTube and post it here but I haven't been having any luck with that lately...)

I can't help but wonder as I watch it though, where is the cutoff? I mean, obviously my son has no idea that's it's a spoof of a classic movie... so at what age do they make the connection? Have today's college students seen "The Breakfast Club?" What about today's high school students? 

Is everyone who knows this movie out of school or has it held on to a younger generation in some way?

Ultimately, I guess it's probably aimed at parents like me anyway. Just like the resurgence of all the toys we loved as kids.

Which makes me feel really, really old.

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Jennifer said...

Oh, yes, I love that commercial. My son is 14 and he totally picked up on the Breakfast Club theme. But then, he's a bit of a movie buff and has seen many of those old movies (eeks! "old") on TBS or USA...